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Buying car insurance for a single day

One day car insurance from a website such as is the ideal option for individuals who only have access to a vehicle for a short period of time, therefore have no need to take out a long-term policy. Temporary car insurance is easy to obtain and will usually cover the driver from the moment the purchase has been made. One day cover will allow drivers complete freedom whilst driving and means they will not be tied down to a long-term contract if not necessary.

What happens?
Temporary car insurance cover works similarly to regular car insurance and is usually comprehensive, with the duration of the policy being the main difference.
In most cases, a driver has to be at least 21 years of age to be covered via a temporary policy, but this depends on the company you choose as some policies can vary. One day cover is available for most cars and vans regardless of make and model, and can be purchased in matter of minutes as it's very simple and convenient to set up.

Who would benefit from a one day car insurance?
There are many people who would benefit from a one day policy as it's suitable for a variety of scenarios including: an individual borrowing someone else’s car
for a short trip or moving belongings/furniture from one place to another, taking a vehicle out for a test drive, taking a classic car for a spin or in cases of emergency when access to your own vehicle is not available.

One day car insurance is commonly used by drivers who have taken their own vehicle into the garage and uses a courtesy car to get from A to B until their car is ready for collection.

Good Points
One day car insurance is beneficial to individuals who only require a short-term cover and can be an economical alternative to other modes of transport, although on a cost-per-day basis, a full year's policy would of course work out cheaper. However, not everyone would make use of a year long policy which is why this would be the ideal solution. A disadvantage of purchasing a one day cover is the costs would be higher if you suddenly decided you wanted to extend the policy for whatever reason.

Much like regular insurance, a one day policy will protect you against unfortunate events such as theft and accidents - meaning you can drive at ease knowing you will be covered if anything goes wrong.

Not so good points

A one day car insurance however, generally will not cover a vehicle which has more than 8 seats (including the drivers) which may come as an inconvenience to someone who is looking to insure a larger vehicle, such as a mini van full of people going on a day trip. A driver also has to hold a full driving licence for a minimum of 6 months if they wish to make use of a one day cover.

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